"Your premier of Significantus at Small is Beautiful Festival was the highlight for me. Like poetry, your music expresses feelings and emotion about climate change which I felt helped put the message across." (Richard Bolton)

"It was fantastic to finally hear Significantus. I found it incredibly moving and so did all in attendance." (George Bell, Festival Director Small is Beautiful)

"Your music is transporting Lola. An innovative and important project." (Dr Catriona Drew, SOAS University of London)

"Amazing concert by Lola Perrin - a suite created on climate change with senior climate scientist Rachel McCarthy speaking. And lit by solar lights." (Gulrukh Khan, Women's Economic Forum)

"Sometimes you don't realise how thirsty your soul is for music and feel its effect. I loved listening to you play Lola." (Andrew Simms, Political Economist and guest speaker)

"Very honoured and excited to be working alongside Lola Perrin, a real challenge for me to speak beyond climate change science and into the musical realm of communication, opportunity and responsibility given what I have learnt over my decade in the climate science field. I've been privy to a sneak peak of some extracts of Lola's suite - I, for one, am looking forward to the immersion in sound about an issue we so often speak of in exact words. A totally different take. A genuine response." Rachel McCarthy, Climatologist and award winning writer and guest speaker)

"Played all the movements of Significantus, feeling the world is upside down, chaotic, peaceful, dangerous, hopeful. Thank you for writing this music, for combining so many different emotions in these 35 minutes." (Concert Pianist Ella Xunhuan Zhou)

"Your piece is wonderful!" (Simon Markson, Managing Director Markson Pianos)

"I was asked to join in a project organised by Lola Perrin, a composer who is exercised about climate change - she had written some pieces inspired by quotes about climate change and then asked me to respond, inspired by her music. It was fun and really worked - this link between art and science needs more focus." (Dr Jean Boulton, Complexity theory activist and guest speaker)

"Lola Perrin is a living embodiment taking the lead in a topic she's passionate about; climate change. She has created a platform which highlights this important issue. Please keep an eye out for her future events." (Chris Barnett, Composer)